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A sex toy is an object or device that is primarily used to facilitate human sexual pleasure, such as a dildo or vibrator. Many popular sex toys are designed to

A better question is, “What happens when a marriage goes a long time without sex… for no justifiable reason?”

Can Christians use sex toys? A real look at intimacy, sex in marriage, and the dangers of pornographic culture

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Take foreplay to the next level! Whether you’re a sex toy virgin or you make Fifty Shades of Grey seem like a beginners’ guide, discover frisky couples’ best-kept

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What is your opinion of married couples using sex toys or other “marital aids” for sexual enjoyment with one another? My husband has suggested it, and while I’m open

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365 Nights of Sex: Can It Strengthen a Marriage? When their marriages fell into the doldrums, two long-married couples decided to find out if having sex every day

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Serving Americans the finest sex toys since 2004. Fast discreet delivery, friendly customer service. We’re confident you’ll love us!

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Sex in Marriage – Sexual problems are common in many relationships. This section is for discussions about sexuality. Please limit discussions to those

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My husband was a minister and I held graduate degrees—yet our “Christian” marriage was full of .

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